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Conqueror’s Blade Beginner Bronze Tips

Conqueror’s Blade is a PVP-focused MMORPG where you control a Hero with a small army and work together with your team to defeat the opposing enemy. More information can be found on their website here and through our review here.

New players starting out in Conqueror’s Blade usually experience difficulty with maintaining a healthy supply of bronze that will allow them to play the units they want. Often times the beginners are forced to not play their purple tier units since they can’t afford the unit kit cost.

I am personally not a big fan of min-maxing this aspect of the game since it takes away a lot of the fun. This guide will go over the basic tips that I used to maximize bronze gains while avoiding unnecessary grind.

1. Do daily and weekly quests

Easiest way to gain a good amount of bronze is to just finish the quests you get every day from NPCs. The three battle, five battle, and victory missions are the easiest since you can finish these without really thinking about it. Many players skip out on the other ones like the gathering one and the eliminate rebel one since it can be a bit of a hassle to go out of fief just for that. However, it is a decent amount of bronze for a very quick mission.

For a beginner, the easiest way to clear the rebel unit on the map is to bring a unit of archers and circle rebels on your horse. This can easily clear the easy rebels without any unit loss early on. Once you get decent cavalry, they can usually steamroll these units as well – unfortunately early cav can still take unit damage and is not advised.

2. Join a house

Most houses have a weekly stipend amount for covering the bronze cost for unit kits. It can range anywhere between 10k up to as high as 70k (as far as I have seen). For a beginner, this means joining a good beginner friendly house will massively alleviate stress from getting too low on bronze. It is never a good idea to just join the one that has the highest stipend of course, but it is one of many reasons to join a house earlier on in the game.

When you are in a house, there are also weekly challenges you can complete with your housemates that will give you bonus bronze. This adds several thousand just for playing the game since the missions are usually very straightforward and do not require much extra grind.

3. Heal units on supply points

Rule #1 for healing units is don’t sacrifice a strategic point just to preserve your unit kit cost. Locking down a point and sacrificing units is part of the game, it is perfectly fine to not heal your units.

With that said, take advantage of every opportunity you can to retreat your units back to a safe supply point and re-heal them. I do this most commonly with sword and shield units after a charge or two since this allows them to repeat their charges with minimal unit loss. The same applies for shield units after sustaining quite a bit of damage while on the frontlines. Be careful not to move your units back if you see your teammates doing the same thing.

Healing your units reduces unit loss and less unit loss means less bronze required to repair kits.

4. Cycle out your unit once you lose 3/4 of them

This is a very general rule of thumb that helps minimize unit loss while still retaining fighting efficiency. Once you only have around 1/4 of your unit left, your fighting power is greatly decreased anyways so it is best to move onto your next unit. Preventing a unit wipe reduces chances of taking kit damage and should be a priority when being conscious of bronze cost. Get into a good habit of knowing when to cycle out your units and it will dramatically reduce how much bronze you have to spend on your units.

5. Log in every day even when not playing

Even if you are not playing, do a quick login and collect the signin rewards for a few thousand bronze (obviously does not apply if you are busy with real life). Starting from today, there is a new 21-day login event that applies on top of the usual login awards – definitely persist with it if you can for the sweet rewards near the end. Doing this consistently will help build up your bronze stores to the point where you don’t really have to mind unit cost.

6. Craft your own unit kits (only if desperate)

Many of the materials required for crafting green and blue unit kits are very easily accessible via the market. If you are really hurting for bronze and don’t have anything urgent you need to spend silver on, consider making your own unit kits. Keep in mind that silver can be very useful once you get a lot of it, so consider doing this only when you really have to.

7. Play Siege primarily

At the moment sieges provide the most bronze per match of up to 4-5k/match if you get S rank. Expeditions, rebel camps, and field battles all provide lower amounts and field battles have essentially the same risk of unit damage. You should theoretically be able to do expeditions and rebel camps with no unit loss as long as you bring Spear Sergeants, but the amount you end up receiving makes it too much of a grind.

8. Bring only grey, green and blue units a few times

Purple units are harder to break even in bronze cost for and can be difficult to sustain upkeep. At the same time, you still need decent units to perform well for higher ranks (higher rank = higher bronze reward). Bringing only grey and green units can ensure you build up your bronze stores, but it really takes away a lot of the fun from the game since your units will likely be much weaker than your opponents.

Refer to our best starter unit guide here for more information about the best units to use early on. These units are the strongest for the leadership cost and will serve you best in grinding out more bronze.

9. Better rank = better bronze

This is almost a given – nobody plays the game to do bad. But keep in mind that higher ranks pay out a lot better than lower ranks. This means that you have to adapt your playstyle to not just aim for unit kills, but to also bring shields to get “damage taken” and to capture points. Another way to get on the scoreboard is to eliminate enemy artillery and back capture supply points.

10. Use Season 4 Units more

This might not be the most fun way to do things since it will end up limiting some of your unit choices, but Season 4 units currently require only 50% cost to replenish unit kits. Once you get used to their playstyles the units can be very effective – but occasionally will be underwhelming. Feel free to just use one of them in your warband just so that you have a little less cost to worry about.

Refer to our best starter units guide here and there is a section on the discussion of Season 4 units.


Earning bronze as a new player can be a daunting task, but it definitely does get better. Past around level 100-150 or so, you start to accrue a relatively large stack of bronze that allows you to play your heart out. You might not have enough at that point to bring T5 units to every single battle, but you can definitely be rich enough for a warband composed mainly of purple and blue units.

I hope this guide was of some help to those of you who have struggled recently! I’m sure there are much more specific guides out there on how to min-max bronze gain, but these tips are ones that I followed personally to still be able to enjoy the game.

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